Exclusive Invitation from Louis Massaro:

Let Me Help You Build Your Move Acquisition System Using My Proven Multi-Million Dollar  Roadmap,  To Boost Sales, Streamline Operations and Increase Profits...

...Without All The Hours, Stress, Overwhelm, & Uncertainty.

Moving CEO Inner Circle

Louis Massaro's elite online training and coaching platform, tailored for driven moving company owners and their teams. It's the moving industry's premier program, crafted to empower you with the systems, tools, mindset, and strategies to increase profits, reduce stress, and thrive in your life! Your membership unlocks everything listed below!

  •  If you attend, you’ll only pay $97 for materials!
  •  BONUS 1: LOUIS'S TOOL BOX! Worksheets, Downloads, Templates and Resources Louis Used To Run His Moving Companies!
  •  BONUS 2: TWO TUITION-FREE TICKETS TO THE 3-DAY LIVE SEMINAR! If you attend, you will be required to register separately and only pay a one-time $97 materials fee for you and your guest!
  •  BONUS 3: MOVER'S FOUNDATION TRAINING! Training On The Foundation Of How To Run A Successful Moving Company! 

Limited Offer: Value $31,476

ONLY $497/month!

Or SAVE 20% Annual Discount!


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If within the first 30 days you feel the program is not for you, email us and receive a no-questions-asked full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel anytime before your subscription renews by emailing us. Our customer support team can be reached at support@louismassaro.com 

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If within the first 30 days you feel the program is not for you, email us and receive a no-questions-asked full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel anytime before your subscription renews by emailing us. Our customer support team can be reached at support@louismassaro.com 




Have you noticed a lot of stuff you see out there isn't really relevant to YOUR business?

Let's face it. Your business is unique, and so are you. We all are. 

And that's why we made The Inner Circle a CUSTOMIZED experience. 

Here's how it works:

When you enroll, you're taken through a simple online assessment that finds what exactly will make the biggest impact in your business and in what order.

Then we customize a roadmap of implementation to integrate your new systems and processes into your business.

2. simple action steps


You've got a lot going on. 

And the LAST you need is to be chained to your computer... watching endless hours of "how-to" content.

That's why you're getting a simple ONE-STEP action plan every week. These are the building blocks of your new operating system.

No fluff, no filler, just the ONE THING to do what will help you grow your business and gain your freedom faster. 

Your weekly ONE-STEP Action Plan includes a simple video and an easy to use "at a glance" worksheet so you can get it DONE. Plus the MP3 so you can listen at the gym or in the truck if you're short on time.

3. live training AND COACHING with louis


Louis started his first moving company in July of 2000.

In the past several years alone, Louis has worked with hundreds PAYING CUSTOMERS (and counting)... helping them them do one thing and one thing only: GROW THIER MOVING BUSINESS. 

And every month, he takes what's working best for his clients' businesses and his own... and teaches that strategy in a LIVE video conference. 

During these conferences, you can talk to Louis personally... and even share your screen as he looks at the inner workings of your business and helps you achieve your next big breakthrough. 

Of course, all of the conferences are recored so if you miss one (or just want to watch it again), you can. 

4. stay connected and accountable

a private community of like-minded moving business ceo'S

Community is more important than ever these days... especially since we've seen our lives change so much by "stay at home" orders and "social distancing".

This is exactly why we've created a private Moving CEO Community where you can all meet online, cheer each other on, and help each other out. 

What's especially awesome about THIS community is that Louis does a LIVE broadcasts every Monday for about 10-15 minutes to help you stay focused, motivated, and gaining momentum each week!

  • Personalized Business Assessment - When you join The Inner Circle you will take a simple online assessment that will help us determine which specific areas of your business need to be optimized for maximum impact now! 

  • ​Custom Training Roadmap - Based on your assessment, we will customize a training roadmap specifically for your company. You will receive ONE action step plan each week that will help you grow your business and gain freedom faster! 

  • Monthly "Hot Seat" Consultations - Each month, Louis conducts 1:1 coaching sessions with select Inner Circle Members to address their unique challenges, celebrate their achievements, and explore opportunities. All Inner Circle Members are encouraged to submit their "Hot Seat" request form and join the live session to gain insights as Louis coaches their peers!

  • ​Monthly Live Training and Coaching with Louis - Each month, Louis shares strategies that are working NOW for his client's and his own businesses. He also offers foresight into upcoming opportunities and challenges to help you anticipate instead of react to shifts in the market. These live Zoom sessions give you direct access to Louis and a chance to network with peers, ensuring you're always one step ahead in the game!

  • ​Fast-Track Training - Sometimes, a specific business challenge demands immediate attention, or a growth opportunity arises and you want to ensure you're on the right path. With Fast-Track Training, simply search for your specific situation, and you'll be directed to a tailored video or worksheet that provides swift and effective guidance!

  • The Moving CEO Tool Box - Gain access to the same tools and resources that propelled Louis's companies to success. This includes detailed sales scripts, process templates, marketing ROI reports, financial forecasting spreadsheets, a comprehensive mover hiring process, sales training materials, email templates, and over 40 invaluable documents! Additionally, you'll get a curated list of 3rd party tools Louis deemed essential for moving companies!

  • Monthly Member Newsletter - Stay in the loop with The Inner Circle Member Newsletter, delivered to your doorstep or office every month. Each edition zeroes in on the immediate priorities and presents clear action steps, ensuring you remain laser-focused and on top of your game. All insights are curated and shared by Louis to keep you a step ahead!

I Want To Give You Every Thing You Need To Succeed:

You Get ALL Of My Best Training!

BONUS #1: Moving Sales Academy Online Course - Mastery-level training on how to build a "sales machine" for your moving company. You'll learn the systems and processes that you must implement to ensure a consistent flow of high paying moves (all year round). You'll also get the tools, resources, and step-by-step implementation training for you and your team! ($2,997 Value)
​BONUS #2: Moving CEO Blueprint Online Course - Advanced-level training on how to build a "model moving business", remove yourself from the day-to-day, step up as the CEO, and then scale. You'll learn how to build systems and process, delegate, run your business off of numbers, manage your time to work on what matters, open new locations and more! This is the Blueprint to become a Moving CEO! ($2,997 Value)
BONUS #3: Movers Marketing Accelerator - In-depth training on how to generate a consistent flow of quality and profitable leads and phone calls. You'll learn how to manage your marketing (even if you're not a "marketer"), which lead sources you should implement based on your size of business, how to build a referral program and more. It's EVERYTHING you need to know about marketing for your moving company! ($997 Value)
​BONUS #4: The Moving CEO Roadmap Course - If you were with us for The Moving CEO Challenge you know that it was the live filming of this course. You'll learn the Roadmap to reach the next level with The Moving CEO GPS, The Profit Wheel, The Systems Stairway, The Freedom Formula and how to Scale The Model! ($997 Value) 

​​BONUS #5: Moving Operations Training - 5-part operations crash course! Perfect for beginners to learn how to hire & train movers, dispatch crews, perform the perfect move, set up storage and provide excellent customer service. ($497 Value)

​BONUS #6: Two Tuition-Free Tickets to Moving Mastery Summit - Dive deep into a 3-day immersive experience with two complimentary tickets to the Moving Mastery Summit. Join Louis, along with an elite ensemble of industry trailblazers, as they unravel the latest industry innovations and best practices. A golden chance to connect, converse, and collaborate with fellow Moving CEOs and thought leaders. Attendance is optional. If you attend, you'll register separately and pay only $97 for your registration and materials. ($1,994 Value)

​​BONUS #7: Profit + Thrive Growth System. Dive in twice a month with live sessions led by Louis, as he guides you through each Lever of the Growth System, ensuring you integrate them flawlessly into your business and personal life. Not only will you gain insights from live group coaching and Q&A sessions with Louis, but you'll also receive his exclusive collection of 12 Profit + Thrive Playbooks.

These never-before-released playbooks are the exact tools Louis uses to elevate his businesses and life. Tailored for success, each playbook includes customizable templates, allowing you to chart your unique path to fulfillment and prosperity. ($3,997 Value)

Donation to Feeding America - When you sign up for The Inner Circle today we will donate 100 meals on your behalf to Feeding America to help fight hunger.

​Money Back Guarantee and Cancel Anytime - If within the first 30 days you feel the program is not for you, email us and receive a no questions asked full refund. After the first 30 days, you can cancel anytime before your subscription renews by emailing us. Our customer support team can be reached at support@louismassaro.com 

What Moving Company Owners are Saying About Louis' Programs...

“Louis and his programs have allowed me to find balance and make time to spend with family through being more efficient. Our business is 100% different than it was a year ago. Our business was good, but Louis came along and launched us to that next level!

— Chris Shipp & Jesse Lovan, Smooth Move in Bakersfield, CA

We definitely believe in Louis’s programs tremendously! That’s why we keep investing in it. All the stuff we’ve learned from him has helped us so much. You’re not just investing in your company, you’re investing in yourself!”

— Nikki & Brian Purcell, Firehouse Movers in Dallas, TX

"Last year I met Louis. It’s just been amazing! I’m on pace for 100% growth this year and I’ve taken more vacations and been able to be with the family more time than in the last 10 years. Finally finding his guidance has been astronomical!

— Justin Dote, Moving With Grace in Woodland, CA

“From Day 1 of diving into the course videos and materials, our company was able to immediately begin integrating some of the concepts and practices into our existing processes. The results were no less than AMAZING!

—Janysh Osmon, Rainbow Movers in Los Angeles, CA

“It’s completely changed my business! Within the first week that I started implementing the lessons, I started to see my business grow. It has enabled me to have structure, to align the proper pieces with the vision that I’ve always had for my moving company, and it’s saved me from making terrible, terrible mistakes. Louis is here to help you. He and his entire staff have great hearts and they’re ready to serve you.”

—Trey Simpson, Orlando Moving Company in Orlando, FL

"This man is amazing! The course has been life changing! When we watch a video we’re excited about our business, we’re pumped up and ready to get things rolling. It’s the best investment I’ve made in my company and I would highly recommend it!”

—Kirsten Awe, Right Size Moving in Wichita, KS

"The content is game changing! Now that we’ve been going through the course, we’ve got our consistency back again. We’ve been able to restructure the entire organization chart for the business. We’ve brought on some new roles in the company, and now we’re just going to be following the process. We’re really looking forward to a game changing year. The strategies that we put in place here are really cutting edge." 

—Lorne MacInnes, Ferguson Moving & Storage Vancouver, BC

"If you own a moving company and you’re not in Louis’s programs, you’ve got to get in it. Moving Sales Academy, Moving CEO Blueprint and all this stuff is gold. You’re missing out if you’re not already in it." 

—Daniel Savage, Mentors Moving & Storage in Phoenix, AZ

From Louis:

"Last year, I watched all these up-and-coming moving company owners trying to breakthrough...

... I noticed a HUGE AND OBVIOUS PROBLEM..."

Hi, I'm Louis Massaro,

And I have a question for you...

Why haven't YOU built a smoother running business and earned a better living as a moving company owner?

Why are so many up-and-coming moving company owners FAILING to build a better business and grow faster?

Obviously, there's a TON of moving companies CRUSHING IT.

You see all them all the time - people building real businesses that dominate their market, grow a massive customer-base, attract referral partners and repeat customers, and crush sales.

But VERY FEW people know how the industry really works.

Most people don't even know what matters most.

Most don't even know how to START. 

So they spend years figuring out what I could have taught them in days and weeks.

If you've struggled with this, please listen.

You have a desire to build a solid business that does a great job for your customers and provides you financial freedom, right?

So why don't YOU have more freedom and income?

Why aren't you booking more high-paying moves, setting up processes so the operation runs smoothly so you can spend your time growing the business and enjoying your life like so many moving company owners?  

After all this time and all you've overcome, don't you think you deserve to enjoy the abundant lifestyle that comes from building a highly successful moving business?

I do. And I think it's time you take this SERIOUSLY before you're left behind in this modern era of moving.

No doubt you've seen all these people becoming mega-successful moving company owners.

And YOU have just as much PASSION and DESIRE to provide a great service and earn a great income, right?

So what's wrong?

The issue is NOT desire.



You haven't been taught the roadmap. And you don't have a moving business mentor teaching you what's working every month, which is so vital because everything changes so fast!

Isn't it true?

Too often, you don't know WHERE to focus.

You don't know HOW to get the ideas and wisdom out of your head and implemented into the business. 

You don't know what marketing strategies to implement, how to hire and train great help, how to increase sales all year round (and how it all directly impacts your bottom line!).

You don't know what to DO -- Monday through Friday -- to gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your business and creating systems that give you freedom. 

You don't know which type of employee to hire next and which ones will have the biggest impact and which strategies will make the most money and impact. 


Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and looking dumb...

.... and that's okay.


It's SMART to want to do your marketing right...

It's SMART to care about the customers you serve.

It's SMART to get the hires right, to create the right sales systems and marketing campaigns.

It's SMART to care about your integrity, values, and authenticity in building the RIGHT kind of moving business that's fun and credible and scalable.

If you agree with this, then I bet you can ALSO AGREE that it's SMART to get GREAT TRAINING from someone who has a proven track record.

It's smart to want a mentor who started from scratch, booked and dispatched the moves (local and long-distance), developed the processes, hired and trained the people, built the call center, and scaled to multiple locations. In every role, I’ve done it and earned 8-figures a year at it. 

You need someone who’s actually done the work, who knows what works NOW, and who has trained HUNDREDS of moving company owners to grow their businesses. 

Today, I'm here to show you that your mentor can be me. That I've done these things. And that I can help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my Inner Circle.

Save your company and reputation by doing this RIGHT. 

Do yourself this extraordinary favor and save YEARS of mistakes.

Just signup today. Cancel if you don't love it.


There's a better way to improve and grow your moving company.

Isn't it time you learn from someone who does it every day, who gets it, who is respected, who mentors the leaders in the industry.

Isn't that worth it? Just try me out. If you don't love the training, just cancel your subscription. If you love it, hang with me every month as I teach you my latest strategies, and let me unlock thousands of dollars worth of my moving business training for you.

It's your time to master this stuff. Don't get left behind in the modern era of moving. Learn to be a Moving CEO, to dominate your market, to move more people, to make a real difference and impact with your community and family. It's your time.


Louis Massaro is the moving industry’s #1 success coach and trainer helping moving companies reach the next level with thousands of students attending his live events, training courses and videos online. He opened his first moving company in 2000, at the age of 19 with a yellow page ad and couple of rental trucks. Working out of the rental truck yard and dispatching crews out of his car, he struggled to operate on a shoestring budget.

After a couple of years of starting Neighbors Moving & Storage, he finally mastered a system for running a very profitable moving & storage company, while also discovering how to have balance in life and not work crazy hours. He took that system and started opening several offices in cities throughout the US and ended up doing $20 Million per year before selling the business.

Through his seminars, online training and private coaching Louis continues to teach his systems to other moving company owners. His students have gone on to build their own highly successful multi-million dollar moving companies while thriving in their lives.

After experiencing and overcoming the challenges of the moving business, he is extremely passionate about helping moving company owners avoid unnecessary struggles and stress. He is committed to helping his clients create smooth-running, profitable businesses while also enjoying their lives.

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I honestly WISH I had access to something like this as I worked to build my moving company and achieve my dreams...

I want to give you a peek inside how I built a $20 million a year moving business, while being able to enjoy my life at the same time. I also want to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made along the way. 

You see, I started my first moving company at 19 years old.

I didn't have a lot of opportunities or mentors to help guide me along the way... I had to learn solely through MY OWN trial and error (which is the worst way to learn - TRUST ME!)

I certainly never had someone who ran an 8-figure per year moving business say,

"Hey, let me show you exactly how I did it. Let me help you avoid the devastating mistakes I made.

Rather, take my tools, processes, and shortcuts that can help you increase your income… where you can ask me questions and get ahead 10x faster."

I’m actually excited to do that for you.

It's not about the money for me (I'm good, trust me!) I've been blessed to achieve the life I always dreamed of. I'm at the stage in my life now where I’m obsessed with helping others achieve that same goal...

That's why I want you to join my Moving CEO Inner Circle. This is the program where I give you EVERYTHING you need to get to the next level without all the stress. 

Join Moving CEO Inner Circle

Member Options:




Saves you $967 paid in full!




No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

Build a Model Moving Business and Enjoy Your Life. 

- Louis Massaro

Questions? Email us at support@louismassaro.com


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